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About us

SUN BEARS KENNEL has its beginning in 2012

SUN BEARS KENNEL has its beginning in 2012 My story was written by me. I grew up surrounded by animals when I was just young, my dad set the goal of raising a breed of molly dogs and getting involved in this project, I trace in my life that one day I could take that dream to reality it was like that in the 2012 consolidate the idea and SUN BEARS was born, supported by MONICA my wife, Juan Pablo and Daniel, my two children. Benny was our first Newfoundland, I still remember with gratitude because thanks to him we fell in love with the race. For this great dream, I never really needed time to look for a place in the savanna of Bogotá, where I built my house of rest and my passion. I have been studying this beautiful race for more than 8 years; I had the fortune of having and possessing BRUNO as the # 1 dog in Colombia, with it I had the possibility to fall in love with the exhibitions and learn what is now my pillar to have the support and recognition at National and International level of the breed Newfoundland. SUN BEARS KENNEL has copies of the renowned international breeders and is close to having their first offspring of the most anticipated crosses by many people who know the race.

Likewise and with the support, not only of my family, but of great people and knowledgeable about the breed and the environment, we have imported females and males from the United States and Europe in order to have a solid plan for future and upbringing. besides being able to continue showing this beautiful race in the exhibitions of Colombia and all America.

For us, the most important thing is not only to have extraordinary examples of exposure, we also want healthy Newfoundlands that can fulfill the function for which they were created. Our dogs are first of all members of our family, and we are happy and proud that this is so.

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